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About 2 weeks later

It has been almost two weeks since she was born.

Recovery is going very well, I feel good these days. My sisters came after I got home from the hospital to help me with the kids and household. That was a huge blessing. I have not gone to church yet, going to wait another week. I did go for a walk today with the Lil Guy and the little girl.

The Lil Guy wanted to go for a ride in the wagon so bad.

We found a quiet little park.

It was nice to get out for some air and exercise.

She has arrived

This little doll was born yesterday at about noon weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz and 20 inches long. She is so adorable and doing very well.

I am feeling  surprising enough, good, it maybe because I am on pain meds and make sure I take them every 6 hours where as with other babies I would just take them when I started to feel bad (not always a good idea). I am totally enchanted with the new little life God has placed in my world.

My wonderful sister and her family came by yesterday and brought me a bag full of goodies.

Chocolate, flowers and a cute bear for the baby. What more can a girl ask for? It was fun to have visitors.

My mom is taking care of my other kids so it has been nice to have some bonding time with the baby and husband but I do miss my kids so will be glad to have them back on Friday.

The new blessing

Now that I am 37 weeks and knowing my baby is considered full term and can arrive any day it has officially hit me that I am going to have a new little person in my life. I remember when my other babies were new little bundles.

C.T. at  4 months

Nini a day old

Lil Guy at a couple of weeks.

Now they are. . .


and a lot more helpful

with lots of personality.

What joy will this new blessing bring us?

My dentist

When I first arrived in the US my tooth started to hurt, it hurt enough to drive me to a dentist. After finding one I went and he told me I needed a root canal.  I did not like my dentist, not just because he said I needed a root canal(that did not help though) but because he was a little impersonal  (I was spoiled by my dentist in Honduras) and just did not like his mannerism. I went and got my tooth pulled instead of a root canal it was more affordable. I also had a bunch of cavities that needed worked on but they did not schedule me for another appointment till 8 months later. So my dentist was low on my list. Now after eight months of thinking about it I just decided to be thankful that I was able to find a dentist.  When I went last week for my appointment I liked how speedy he got my teeth filled. I have TMJ so the less time my jaw is opened the better.  Now my resentment is over with, I have been healed and am THANKFUL.

Somethings new

We ordered new windows for our house. All our windows but four were the really old ones so one of our goals was to put new windows in before winter.

In our living room is our biggest window and the old one was missing the three panes up top which we though must have been stain glass.

Here is the window replaced, looks bigger.

Two more replaced windows up stairs, they still need the trim put back on. This room actually did not have windows it was only the storm windows.

One more thing that is new is. . .

this small hutch. Our neighbor was going to put it on the curb but thought to ask us first if we wanted it. It is just perfect for me, I use it for the girls school things.

Great finds

Since coming back to the states my favorite shopping is thrift stores. It is hard for me to buy something brand new if I know I can find it somewhere else (yes used but still in good shape) cheaper plus you never know what you will find at a thrift stores so it is an adventure. Some of my favorite finds are

this high chair for 7 dollars

dehydrator for 4

and my most recent and favorite is this Egyptian cotton duvet for 6!

I am thankful for the way the Lord has been provided for our family.

In the 30’s

I am 31 weeks along now. I always liked it when I hit the 30’s because I feel so close to the end, I only have about 8 weeks left. I am tired a lot and must be nesting too because I have many things I want to get done. I will be glad when this little person finally comes out. For a while I was concerned that I had lead poisoning because when I first got pregnant we had done a lot of work on the house taking out old plumbing, a chimney and etc and I helped a lot. I did not know that it was not good to be around that when pregnant. Last week I got tested to see how much lead was in my system and they said normal is from 0-11 and I only had 2 so I am fine and so is the baby.