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It is funny but I see more nature living in town than when I lived in the country.

I see lots of wild rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, hawks chasing squirrels, early one morning I saw a skunk walking down the street. ¬†I see enough deer along the road and in fields so I am ok not see them in town. I like living in town ūüôā


I found these photos in photo booth and in looking behind me I realized in all of these photos my bed was unmade.

This one in my room when in Honduras and not only is my bed unmade but my room a mess, yikes!

This one while staying at my sisters

and than a couple days ago again no made bed. One would think I never make my bed and well I do sometimes, I used to make it all the time but have kind of given up because my kids or husband will come in and mess it all up. My husband theory is you should make it right before you go to bed which seams to make sense when one has bed crashers living in their house

Laird’s belong together

There is fifteen of us in one house hold. My sister and brother in law have 2 girls and a 3 month old boy. My husband and I have 2 girls and a boy, my father and mother in law are here with their 2 boys and 1 girl. There are a lot of us but it feels right, Laird’s belong together. We are only missing my husband’s younger 20 year old brother. He lives in Canada with his wife of 1 year. He is going to school to be a doctor and she a lawyer.

The lovely couple

At church last Sunday I met this lovely couple. The wife is from London England and the husband is originally from California but they now live here in Wisconsin. Being around her made me miss my British friends who live on Roatan. They invited us over for dinner and so we went. I had a wonderful time just soaking up her accent, drinking tea and eating short bread cookies. They’re are such a fun couple. She loves to go to rummage sales¬†and finding free things along the road. I am more of a thrift sore person but am in total agreeance¬†in finding free things along the road, what could be better than that!


The local YMCA is fabulous, especially with the long cold winters. My daughters miss swimming terribly. They were constantly  asking and I would explain how cold it was and that we would not be able to swim until it got hot outside. Nini would come to me constantly and tell me how hot it was now even when you would show her bare cold facts

of this.  She is a total island girl and misses days like

this. Let me tell you, you may think you wish you were here in this picture right now but it is hot. I remember this day, I think it was one of the many hot days of the year. Serious hotness like the water is so warm its like bath water hotness.

Now this day on the other hand was a gorgeous Roatan day. The intensity of the sun is hiding behind a cloud, a nice breeze is blowing, perfect, makes you want to live there forever.

We checked into the local Y and it has been a life saver, kids love it. Not only does it have a pool but an indoor ice skating rink, indoor soccer field, a climbing wall, the pool also has a big water slide, child care and all the other stuff ¬†YMCA’s have, this place has all the bells and whistles. Very thankful.

Among some Russians again

A few days back some good friends came over. We had met them while living in Russia. The wife, Anya, is Russian and the husband, Daniel, is American from Chicago. Daniel is a doctor and doing his residency at a hospital in Milwaukee at present. They have two boys.

Anya’s mom is in the US visiting her daughter for a few months.

All afternoon I had the pleasure of hearing Russian, so many familiar words that I could still understand.


It is my last full day on Roatan. Our flight that starts our journey is at 9:00 AM tomorrow. I keep trying to think of things I want to do before I leave and only two things pop in my head which is drive all the way out to the east end to old Port Royal or one last swim at West Bay beach. I don’t think any of those will happen but it would be fun. This morning I woke up and had my quiet time with God on a dock on the beach, afterwards I soaked in the lush tropical beauty around me. Questions are racing through my mind like: do I really want to leave? And would I be staying if things had been different? I am comforted with my answers. Yes I am ready to leave and no I would not be staying even if things had been different. I am very thankful for our time here and for the various people we have met and friends we have made but I am ready to move on, ready for what God has for us next.


I don’t know why but this is a post I have been avoiding. I struggled to find the right time and words to express what I am feeling.

We are leaving our sunny little island home. I knew this day would come but I thought it would be later. Now that the final decision has been made feelings of sadness weal¬†up when I tell my friends our plans or take walks on the beach knowing I wont be able to enjoy its beauty for much longer, many things I will miss as the years pass and I’ll look back on our life here. And yet excitement takes hold of me as a new chapter of our lives starts to unfold.¬†¬†We are moving to the cold north, Wisconsin. My kids have spent most of their life in the tropics and I am sure protest to the climate change will arise, possibly even from me. As my husband likes to remind me “you can always put more on when cold but can only take so much off when hot”. I will be wearing lots of LAYERS. This may sound funny but I am looking forward to wearing coats, boots, jeans, sweaters, hats and gloves, oh the unspeakable joys of wearing layers. We will be arriving in North America just in time for the Holidays.