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Things that go on with my family and around me

December is here!

The holiday season has arrived! I really do enjoy this time of year, it’s fun making the cookies, decorating and being all cosy inside with a cup of tea or hot cocoa.

One thing is lacking which is a good snow storm. We have snow but not very much. I am hoping to get one or two before Christmas.

Things have been a bit stressful because we have a lot going on and the fact I am pregnant does not help. I think this being my last few weeks of being pregnant and feeling achy and big all the time is the main stress factor. I have lightened up the kids school load and that has helped a lot.

The baby will be here the day after Christmas, I never would have thought I would have a Christmas baby and now I am!

Babies room

For the first time I actually have a nursery set up for the new baby. It has taken me till baby number five to do it but as they say better late than never.

I found the crib along the road, it’s so cute! I also found a whole crib set along with the lamp shade, curtains and other things at the thrift store for a package set of $25, I thought that was a good deal. Everything just fell into place. The babies room was used as a office/guest room so it being turned into a nursery was not a big deal. We already have a guest room down stairs so we are not lacking in space.

We only have a few more weeks till the baby comes!

Equalizer bars

In my world exercise is a big thing. It makes me feel good, gives me the feeling of being in control of something and it’s fun! I’ve been slowly building up my own home gym collection. First came weights, than a pink exercise ball, more weights, push up bar and some kettel bells for Christmas and my latest desire has been equalizer bars. Yes that’s what every girl wants.

These hot pink ones were looking good except the price of $99, yikes.
I kept thinking that with my brother in law being a welder I could probably get him to make me a set for at least half the price. Eventually
My husband and brother in law bought some fancy welder and a pile of meddle and made these babies in the name of practice!

According to them you could put a car on them and it would hold the car up fine. I am very pleased with my equalizers, I have to say they are definitely better than the other ones.

For my pregnancy up date I am 3rd trimester, 7 months along. Everything seams to be looking good. I have quit running because it become rather uncomfortable so I just work out on my own in my personal gym that now has a set of cool black equalizers in it.
I do dream of taking effortless runs without my ginormous belly.



My girls found a caterpillar, it was big and ugly. They put it in a box with leaves and placed it loving in their room to keep an eye on because one day they knew it would turn into a butterfly. They ran off to play and when next they went to check on it it was gone. They were sad, there was tears. Than one morning a week or so later they found a butterfly in their room.



It’s wings were still wet from coming out of the cocoon so it could not fly. Yes they found their friend the worm who was now a butterfly. Where it had disappeared to no one knows.



When I was a teenager my family started to go to Bay Beach (It is a small theme park that is pretty inexpensive). We would normally go at the end of the summer knowing it would be less crowded. We would go once a year and it became a bit of a tradition. Now since we have moved back to the area I am able to join my family with my kids and husband. And today was the day that we all went. My parents were not there but most of my brothers and sisters were.


Was really nice that all my kids are old enough to enjoy the rides.


Here is a belly shot from last weeks run. I am 21
Weeks so half way there!

School has begun

We have started school in our house hold after a 2 month break. I have to say I feel for once it has started out well, I feel the most organized this time around.
For the first 4 days of the week we are doing regular math, Bible, history, geography, reading, writing and language. On Fridays we are going to just do art, Bible, science and foreign language. That way Fridays can be a bit more relaxed. I feel we do a lot during the beginning of the week and don’t want to throw anything else in, of course that may change which is the beauty of homeschooling.
Another thing I have also added this year is “fun reading” which is on top of regular school reading (books I tell them to read) they may choose a book of their choice and than read for 20 minutes.

Through this I hope they will find the pleasure in reading. We shall see.

I have found it a bit more challenging this time around with my 2 younger ones. My 4 year old wants to do school now and he does a preschool book I got from Sams Club but that does not take long and my 2 year old also wants to hang around and do school. I have heard how other homeschool moms have a special set of items they pull out just for during those times to entertain them but I have yet to do that. One thing that helps occupy them is letting them play games on the ipad but I don’t want to depend on that, I like the idea of kids entertaining them selfs and using their own imagination. I know I need to figure something out.


I have some news, I am pregnant with baby number 5. I was hesitant to let people know early on because I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past year but now I am 3 months pregnant and have heard the heart beat, yay! I enter 2nd trimester this week so I think things are going well.


That is a photo of me after a run, you can kind of see my baby bump. Something’s new with this pregnancy is I am showing sooner, normally by 4 or 5 months one can see a bump but not this time around this baby wants to be noticed sooner! Also I am starving all the time, ok not starving but I can eat a meal and than 30 minutes later I’ll be hungry all over again. It’s actually kind of annoying because food fills my thoughts a lot, very weird. I struggle with exhaustion often, naps are a must. I continue to keep my workout schedule but have tone it down. I have gained 8 lbs this trimester which I am sure is do to my crazy appetite, trying to watch out but it’s hard. They say you are supposed to gain 0 to 5 lbs for 1st trimester.

Last days in Chicago

We spent two nights in our glorious 5 star hotel.

Here is the grand lobby.

View from our hotel room.

When not sleeping we were hitting the streets with our Go Pass and cramming in as many things as we could. We went to the Shed Aquarium and the planetarium on Sunday. We walked everywhere never taking a taxi just the good old fashion way by foot.

Here’s a cool fountain in Memorial park.
On Monday we walked to the Field Museum.


Where these guys like to hang out. Than last but not least we checked out the Science and Industry museum.

Where among many things we found this German WWII U boat.


My husband has taken me on a surprise Birthday trip to Chicago! This is something we always talked about doing and now are! We are walking all over down town doing everything tourists would do. I love it, I love big cities, people every where, just having to walk to get places. What more can a girl want.

We’ve been on a archeological and historical boat tour on the river. Now I know a lot about the buildings because as we walk around we will be like “oh yeah, this building is that one where Al Capon hung out in the speak easy that was at the top back in the day”.
For dinner we went to a Cuban restaurant where they put honey and cinnamon in the sweet potatoes that was served with fried fish and steamed veggies .


I had some Jalapinos mashed potatoes with pulled pork and served with creamed corn.


I am not a Cuban food fan.

To end the day out we went to Willis towers where we were able to look all over the city from the 103rd floor.

One can step out into these glass rooms that step out over the city. Yikes but cool!