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Vacation in Michigan

My husband had some time off so we went to visit some friends who we knew from our time in Honduras. It was a nice little get away for us, especially for me because they have three older daughters who enjoy small children. While there we went to this lovely town called Ludington where every Friday night they have something going on down town. The town is also known to have one of the top five beaches in the US.

Nila on a little boat/train ride.

Zeph really upset once he realized what his sisters were doing

He would not be consoled until he got himself into a boat ride of his own.

A few days later the kids were able to ride a horse.

Our friends work at a Christian camp that has horses.

This boy has no healthy fear of horses, he tried to run right up to one and growl.

To be Italian

I was in Italy 3 years ago. Italians are loud and animated. In the Milan air port waiting for our flight, the first hour low rumble of conversations going on around us, second hour it gets progressively louder and so on. On the plane I kept thinking things would quiet down but its the same as the airport. During the long (I mean long flight) children run around the plane, adults do also, talking and laughing loudly, even though they do not know you they put their arm around you or touch your periodically through out a conversation. When they are angry they are very animated, they seam to live with all their emotions. My mother in law and I we talk about how we should have been Italian, when we freak out, start yelling and motioning with our hands, people wont be concerned or surprised they will just say “oh they are Italian”.

To travel

I wish this was me looking out the air plane window. I love to travel.

I relish the excitement when I walk into the air port, the adventure yet to come, new people to meet, to be out to be seen! The anticipation of being reunited with family and friends so dear, or of a new place to experience. For me it would be family. Today some friends are flying out which reminds me that I am not, well not yet any way. Hopefully soon though.