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Ran with my coach this morning. She has a different style of going about a morning workout. When she wants to run we run when she wants to walk we walk. She encourages greeting everyone we go by passionately whether they like it or not. She points out how important it is to be observant when out, not just with our eyes but nose too. Yes we may spot a bunny and go madly after it but that’s all in a morning workout with my coach. Not dull at all.

My coach

Me and my coach

She’s just a wuppy

Those cheeks

My niece is a stinker. She is a determined child who will not ask for help, she is constantly trying to do things on her own even if she can’t, also part of being a 2 year old too. She has a personality all her own, spunky little punk, reminds me of C.T. She also has these adorable cheeks that I want to grab and squeeze to death. The kind of thing you would see a grandma do.

With cheeks like these you just gotta. I think with being her aunt I fall in the area of cheek squeezing rights.

The wonder of it

If I wrote poems I would write about snow today. It is both elegant and enchanting, ahhh to be a snowman.

Or not, I would get peed on by a big dog, I have seen it happen more than once.

I will just stay me and enjoy the snow as much as possible with my non snowmanness.

Merry Christmas!

Few photos that I like

This one I have used in a post before. My husband took this while at the Chicago zoo. It is just gorgeous.

Kristen Farrah took this one. I love how she captured Ni Ni.

Becca K took this one.

I took this one. There is something weird that I like about it. Think its the haze the sand gives it.


I can not tell you how much I cherish these rainy days, to fall asleep with the sound of rain pounding on my roof, to wake up to the coolness it brings wafting through my windows in the morning. After 8 months of continual sun and heat rainy season is very welcome. With this weather it makes me want to get out more. I head out for walks on the beach when there are breaks in the down poor. There is a little more activity on the water with all the storming and turmoil at sea. It always brings back memories from my childhood years spent in Oregon. We would go to the coast often as a family.

At the Oregon coast, my dad holding me while my sister stands by

I have to say that the Caribbean can not even come close to the Pacific. The Pacific holds a majestic power for me with its huge crashing waves, frigid waters and the pungent aroma of its salt spray hangs in the back of my mind calling me to return to its noble shores.

The house

Across the street in between the two buildings and vehicles is a house under construction.

I am drawn to this house.

Even has its own tree growing inside of it.

Who ever will live here (once finished) will have such a cute place.


It’s the first day of Autumn and this is my favorite season. I love the colors, crisp air, sun light dancing through the trees as the leaves quietly make their way to the ground, the aroma of smoke in the air and the sound of fire wood being cut, of walking in the house with cool rosy cheeks that will soon be warmed by the coziness with in. I thank God for His faithfulness as He brings on another harvest. Isn’t He an awe-inspiring creator?

The scale

My bathroom scale died today. I like my scale, it’s the first digital scale I’ve ever owned. I first spied it in my friends house one day. She has since left the country and entrusted it into my care. I miss my friend and my only comfort with her absence is the scale and now it was leaving me too. I mourned the scales death effectively and yes I say effectively because my husband took up my cause and revived it. How I don’t know but he did. I love my husband, he is amazing! My scale has been revived and will hopefully continue on with its existence.

Health and exercise

I like to pretend I am a health and exercise nut. I try to eat sort of healthy. That is a lot harder for me with living on the island, food cost more because it has to be shipped over. The stores are starting to get more of a selection of whole grain and at times organic stuff. Still though it is not always in my budget. I am thankful for the things that are in our budget though, like cheese, butter(butter is better than the fake stuff, just consume in moderation is what they say), whole wheat Ritz and Wheat thins. My in laws have found a way to make yogurt in a crock pot so I get lots of that and my ever so loving mother is always faithful to send me other things that I am unable to find, like organic shampoo and toothpaste. I can’t blame it all on not having the funds or the selection in stores I do slack at times in that area, like the other day I ate more than enough chocolate chip cookies. I would like to eat better and am slowly working at that. In the area of exercising I like how you don’t have to go any where for it. Right in my own home I have my own Pilate’s studio. Me my mat and book every morning we meet (accept Sundays). Something new I have been trying is squats. There is an app on my ipod touch called 200 hundred squats for $1.99 and yeah I bought it. So now that is part of my routine. It seams to be working. Something cool my mom sent me is a exercising ball. I think its great! I use it as an extra chair and the kids love it too. Ok so I do plan to use it for exercising but just have not found the right work out that I want to do with it. I also like to run. I hope to be a track star some day. Maybe like a 5k or 10k track star. My simple 4 step health plan at present is

#1. Don’t over eat
#2. Select the healthiest item I have (water or soda?, chips or banana?)
#3. Exercise
#4. Eat light in the evenings