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Our ministry here

Almost six years ago we arrived here on this island. My in laws bought an old abandoned hotel.

First we started a church that taught through the Bible verse by verse.

We just started meeting

and slowly it grew.

Second we wanted to host teams that would come down and do ministry on the island.

We wanted to be a safe place for them to stay while doing what God called them to do.

Third was started a water treatment and distributing project. My father-in-law is a license California water treatment officer.

Thanks to God’s guidance many homes now have clean drinking water. Another ministry has since taken over that aspect of ours giving us more time to focus on the church and hotel.

The church is our main ministry.

Ephesians 4:12 For the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ


Tonight was church. I worked with the toddlers-six years class (we don’t have enough teachers so we only have two classes, mine and than the seven to eleven year old class).

After the lesson and singing we made mustaches.

They were a big hit

What a funny bunch of kids!

Cutting back

Periodically in my life there are times when my family and I have to buckle down and cut back on costs, to be more frugal. This is one of those times (I am sure you know these days also). It isn’t necessarily a bad think, in fact it is good because each time it re-teaches me to be more thankful for things and not take them for granted. Of course I still grumble and complain about it (yes, I make a great Israelite from the old testament, I want my onions and leeks).

#1. The hot water has been shut off (I am told it uses a lot of electricity which is really, really expensive here).

#2. Pancakes or hot cereal in the morning instead of a bowl of cold cereal (grrr, no more mom slacking on breakfast, mom has to get out of bed longer than a minute and actually prepare something)

#3. Refrain from spending on luxury items like cheese, cream cheese, bagels,and my favorite wheat thins.

#4. Main meals consist more of pastas, beans, rice and soups. (we still try to eat healthier by using whole wheat flour and whole grain rice)

#5. No eating out

Things I am very thankful for that we are still able to get are eggs, milk and yogurt (my father in law makes yogurt in the crock pot). As you can tell I am a bit of a dairy person, when we aren’t able to get dairy I start to feel a bit melancholy about my diet. I am also very thankful that bananas are cheap. I really enjoy my smoothies, my all time favorite is

Frozen bananas


Cinnamon to taste


To travel

I wish this was me looking out the air plane window. I love to travel.

I relish the excitement when I walk into the air port, the adventure yet to come, new people to meet, to be out to be seen! The anticipation of being reunited with family and friends so dear, or of a new place to experience. For me it would be family. Today some friends are flying out which reminds me that I am not, well not yet any way. Hopefully soon though.


Back in March we got a Rottweiler puppy.

She and the Lil Guy were the same age.

We were not planning on it but after metting this adorable little black ball we could not resist her so we took her home.

So began a happy energetic, slobbery relationship.

Yesterday she saw her favorite person (my husband) walk across the road, I guess the thought of being separated was to much for her so she blissfully walks out the gate (which she knows she is not supped to do) happily wiggling her stubby almost non-existent tail, sort of stops before half galloping, half bounding, her eyes souly focused on her goal, not paying any attention to the big work truck which came barreling down at a very high speed. She never knew what hit her, died instantly. It breaks my heart but I have to smile a little because she died happy. I can still see her in my mind right before it happen, her whole body trembling with the anticipation of being with her master, to soak his legs with kisses.  I admit she would drive me crazy some days. She was such a jolly creature though, only knew one emotion, happy. I miss her.


It’s the first day of Autumn and this is my favorite season. I love the colors, crisp air, sun light dancing through the trees as the leaves quietly make their way to the ground, the aroma of smoke in the air and the sound of fire wood being cut, of walking in the house with cool rosy cheeks that will soon be warmed by the coziness with in. I thank God for His faithfulness as He brings on another harvest. Isn’t He an awe-inspiring creator?

6 Years and counting

Today is our 6th year wedding anniversary. Six happy years with three children to show for it, God has blessed us! A Bible verse that comes to mind is Psalm 127:3-5  Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,  so are the children of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate.

And in Geneses 33:5 b Jacob says about his own children “The children whom God has graciously given your servant”.

God is gracious to blessed with three and we hope that will continue.

The 1st year, at the time we were living in North East Wisconsin.

Our 3rd year. Volgograd Russia

4th Year. Roatan Honduras

5th year, still living in Honduras but this picture was taken while visiting in Califronia. I was pregnant with the Lil guy.

Starting year 6, still falling in love every day with the man of my dreams, waiting for adventures yet to come.

PS. You probably noticed that there was no year number 2, I am lacking in pictures from the earlier years, we’ve had a computer die.

Local Hospital

Today  went to the hospital with Dilsia (the lovely lady in the picture above) and my mother in law (we do everything together) to visit someone who was supposed to have had a surgery but when we got there we found out she had not had her surgery and was put off another day. We were able to take her home though so that work out good. I took my camera along to let you have a look.

The entrance door/gate

Waiting area

People waiting to see a doctor

This is the recovery wing.

Nice nurses at the nurses station. They were very kind to let me take their picture.

This is the hospital we first went to visit when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter five years ago. When my husband and I were given a tour to the birthing area they had buckets of water and when I asked what it was for they said to wash after having the baby, we quickly turned around and went to the mainland to find a different hospital. They did not have running water all the time but hopefully things are better in that area.

Tea Parties

Ever since we were little girls (as I am sure most little girls continue to do) my sisters and I  would have tea parties. We have always had some type of special tea set in the house for these occasions. Invitations were made and delivered, gowns were picked and put on (part of the fun was dressing up), the tea was made and all the ladies arrived. There are five of us girls in my family.

This photo was taken last year. Missing is one of my younger sisters and added are my daughters.