Monthly Archives: September 2010

Boat ride

On Friday we hooked up with some friends who took us out on their brothers boat.  They live on the east end so we were once again able to enjoy that part of the island. It is always a pleasure to take a boat ride. The girls really enjoyed it too. Had to keep a close eye on them because at times they got a little overly excited and started jumping around which is not a good idea when on a boat.

One of the many cammunities on the water

A bight

On the boat going through the mangroves


Sitting nicely

Some of these pictures were taken with my husband’s iphone so the qualitly is not as good as I would like but am happy that we had it with us.

East End

Last Friday we drove out to visit friends who live on the east end of the island. It is a a lot different over there.

Quieter and less populated. It is how I imagined this island would be like when I first heard of the place.

People tend to travel by boat more because it is easier to get around. A lot of homes are right on the water.

Seems a lot cooler on that end too, breezier. The majority of people who live out there are originally from the island and all speak English where as here on the west end their is a mix of Islanders, espanolas (Hispanics from the mainland) and gringos (people like me). You hear a lot more spanish around where I live. It is a nice change to go out there and see a glimps of what the island was once like.

Evening reads

I grew up with Little House on the Prairie. I have fond memories of the series being read to my brothers, sisters and I by my parents, they read them to us at least twice. I always knew that when I had children I would do the same. Now my day has arrived, the pleasure is mine. We enjoy our evening reads together. Simple pleasures are the best.

Independence day

September 15th is Honduras Independence day. In honor of it the schools have been parading down the streets all week. Each day different schools hit the streets. Today was the schools in our area. At 9:00 this morning in the rain they came marching down our road with loud drums and one xylophone.

In nice lines, at least as best they could after two weeks of practicing.

The dancing drummers with cheer leader looking attired girls doing the punta dance (if you can wiggle your butt real well then you can do this too)

Sweet couple

The Lovely ladies

Honduras flag

The end of the line.

The scale

My bathroom scale died today. I like my scale, it’s the first digital scale I’ve ever owned. I first spied it in my friends house one day. She has since left the country and entrusted it into my care. I miss my friend and my only comfort with her absence is the scale and now it was leaving me too. I mourned the scales death effectively and yes I say effectively because my husband took up my cause and revived it. How I don’t know but he did. I love my husband, he is amazing! My scale has been revived and will hopefully continue on with its existence.

C.T. and Tito

My mother in law and I were pregnant together. My oldest daughter was born in June and her youngest son was born in July.

My daughter was very small and when you saw them together you would not have known they were only a month apart in age. She eventually caught up. They were separated for a little while but once they got back together

they have been the bestest of friends.

Through thick and thin,

both in the mischievous and

the scrupulous, I think they will always be there for each other.


Whenever I look at this picture the song ” We’re all in this together” from high school musical pops in my head (I know corny). This picture was taken a year ago or so. To me it is a good memory of life here at the SonRise. Faces in this photo change as people come and go, half the faces stay the same because that’s us, the gang that’s here. I have experienced various things in my life with so many different people who have come down. I am blessed to have met you. Thanks for touching my life.

Disney World

We were looking at Disney World, at all inclusive resorts and spa’s, at hotels with nice pools, food, luxurious rooms, no picking up after ourselves, to sit back, relax, bliss full nights of sleep, just us and our loved ones, laughing, chatting. We are dreaming. It is nice to dream. Makes me think of heaven.

Lets go to Disney World.

Health and exercise

I like to pretend I am a health and exercise nut. I try to eat sort of healthy. That is a lot harder for me with living on the island, food cost more because it has to be shipped over. The stores are starting to get more of a selection of whole grain and at times organic stuff. Still though it is not always in my budget. I am thankful for the things that are in our budget though, like cheese, butter(butter is better than the fake stuff, just consume in moderation is what they say), whole wheat Ritz and Wheat thins. My in laws have found a way to make yogurt in a crock pot so I get lots of that and my ever so loving mother is always faithful to send me other things that I am unable to find, like organic shampoo and toothpaste. I can’t blame it all on not having the funds or the selection in stores I do slack at times in that area, like the other day I ate more than enough chocolate chip cookies. I would like to eat better and am slowly working at that. In the area of exercising I like how you don’t have to go any where for it. Right in my own home I have my own Pilate’s studio. Me my mat and book every morning we meet (accept Sundays). Something new I have been trying is squats. There is an app on my ipod touch called 200 hundred squats for $1.99 and yeah I bought it. So now that is part of my routine. It seams to be working. Something cool my mom sent me is a exercising ball. I think its great! I use it as an extra chair and the kids love it too. Ok so I do plan to use it for exercising but just have not found the right work out that I want to do with it. I also like to run. I hope to be a track star some day. Maybe like a 5k or 10k track star. My simple 4 step health plan at present is

#1. Don’t over eat
#2. Select the healthiest item I have (water or soda?, chips or banana?)
#3. Exercise
#4. Eat light in the evenings

Memorizing any one?

My oldest daughter C.T. since turning five has moved up to the older kids class in church. In this class they are challenged weekly to memorize Bible verses. If they learn their verse they get a reward. All the kids look forward to it and work hard at memorizing. Since C.T. is so young I have to work with her, which means I learn all the verses also. These past weeks we have been learning Psalms 23, we are on verse 5 at present. A few days back I was having a discouraging morning and it was during my devotions I read how one of the most valuable ways to meditate on Scripture was through memorization. The author wrote that when she meets people who are battling discouragement or depression she asks if they are memorizing scripture. Yes I have been memorizing Scripture but was not meditating on it. That was a word from God for me. Right away I went over Psalms 23 and have to say I was comforted and encouraged. I notice the closer I get to my Lord the more and more I am rewarded with His ever so loving and yes, still small voice