Daily Archives: September 4, 2010

Memorizing any one?

My oldest daughter C.T. since turning five has moved up to the older kids class in church. In this class they are challenged weekly to memorize Bible verses. If they learn their verse they get a reward. All the kids look forward to it and work hard at memorizing. Since C.T. is so young I have to work with her, which means I learn all the verses also. These past weeks we have been learning Psalms 23, we are on verse 5 at present. A few days back I was having a discouraging morning and it was during my devotions I read how one of the most valuable ways to meditate on Scripture was through memorization. The author wrote that when she meets people who are battling discouragement or depression she asks if they are memorizing scripture. Yes I have been memorizing Scripture but was not meditating on it. That was a word from God for me. Right away I went over Psalms 23 and have to say I was comforted and encouraged. I notice the closer I get to my Lord the more and more I am rewarded with His ever so loving and yes, still small voice