Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

The scale

My bathroom scale died today. I like my scale, it’s the first digital scale I’ve ever owned. I first spied it in my friends house one day. She has since left the country and entrusted it into my care. I miss my friend and my only comfort with her absence is the scale and now it was leaving me too.¬†I mourned the scales death effectively and yes I say effectively because my husband took up my cause and revived it. How I don’t know but he did. I love my husband, he is amazing! My scale has been revived and will hopefully continue on with its existence.

C.T. and Tito

My mother in law and I were pregnant together. My oldest daughter was born in June and her youngest son was born in July.

My daughter was very small and when you saw them together you would not have known they were only a month apart in age. She eventually caught up. They were separated for a little while but once they got back together

they have been the bestest of friends.

Through thick and thin,

both in the mischievous and

the scrupulous, I think they will always be there for each other.