Daily Archives: September 24, 2010


Back in March we got a Rottweiler puppy.

She and the Lil Guy were the same age.

We were not planning on it but after metting this adorable little black ball we could not resist her so we took her home.

So began a happy energetic, slobbery relationship.

Yesterday she saw her favorite person (my husband) walk across the road, I guess the thought of being separated was to much for her so she blissfully walks out the gate (which she knows she is not supped to do) happily wiggling her stubby almost non-existent tail, sort of stops before half galloping, half bounding, her eyes souly focused on her goal, not paying any attention to the big work truck which came barreling down at a very high speed. She never knew what hit her, died instantly. It breaks my heart but I have to smile a little because she died happy. I can still see her in my mind right before it happen, her whole body trembling with the anticipation of being with her master, to soak his legs with kisses.  I admit she would drive me crazy some days. She was such a jolly creature though, only knew one emotion, happy. I miss her.