Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

Cutting back

Periodically in my life there are times when my family and I have to buckle down and cut back on costs, to be more frugal. This is one of those times (I am sure you know these days also). It isn’t necessarily a bad think, in fact it is good because each time it re-teaches me to be more thankful for things and not take them for granted. Of course I still grumble and complain about it (yes, I make a great Israelite from the old testament, I want my onions and leeks).

#1. The hot water has been shut off (I am told it uses a lot of electricity which is really, really expensive here).

#2. Pancakes or hot cereal in the morning instead of a bowl of cold cereal (grrr, no more mom slacking on breakfast, mom has to get out of bed longer than a minute and actually prepare something)

#3. Refrain from spending on luxury items like cheese, cream cheese, bagels,and my favorite wheat thins.

#4. Main meals consist more of pastas, beans, rice and soups. (we still try to eat healthier by using whole wheat flour and whole grain rice)

#5. No eating out

Things I am very thankful for that we are still able to get are eggs, milk and yogurt (my father in law makes yogurt in the crock pot). As you can tell I am a bit of a dairy person, when we aren’t able to get dairy I start to feel a bit melancholy about my diet. I am also very thankful that bananas are cheap. I really enjoy my smoothies, my all time favorite is

Frozen bananas


Cinnamon to taste