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Perfect week

First day of being computer-less has found me with a borrowed computer from my in laws. Mmmmmm. . . ¬†so far not so bad ūüôā

My friend has caught her plane and is gone. I am sad to have her leave but so thankful that she was able to come down and see what my home here has been like. We were able to do a lot together but yet still have time to just chat and relax. It has been as perfect a week as it could be with snorkeling, going to the gorgeous West Bay beach, taking lovely walks, checking out West end, visiting the Iguana farm, finding the perfect jewelry made by the islands one and only Yourgin, a little sunning and good food prepared by my husband. Now down to the nitty gritty with packing and sorting.

Reasons and the beach

Days are flying by fast. I sold my computer to help pay for some up coming traveling expenses. I miss my laptop a lot. That is one of the reason I have not been blogging as much. Reason number two: I am coming into my last week and much needs to be done before my family and I take our final leave of Honduras. Reason number three: my best friends has been here this past week and we have been trying to do as much together as possible. We went to the beach of course

along with a bunch of people off of a cruise ship that day, we considered following them back on to the ship but than thought better of it.

Here are some under water photos that we took. Fun one of my husband’s younger brother

My friend and I were trying to get a picture of us together underwater. As you can see it did not work that well.

I am not sure when I will be able to blog again, husband is sending his computer back to the US with my friend. We will be computer less, very weird feeling that will be.

The Louse

I had never had a louse encounter until here. The first infestation was a couple years ago. Not on me but my kids and in laws family. We first found out by a friend who found some on her and than in a close look at my daughters she found a small community on them. I warned my in laws and they checked their kids out and they were totally infested. A lot of the people who come to church have it. It is very prevalent, you can see them on the kids as they come into class. From our first experience with lice we have become pros and know the exact steps to take but man is it a head ache. Lice is something we have come to accept as part of living here.

Do not Fret

Psalms 37:8b ¬†“DO NOT FRET- it only causes harm. It is a great word for our health. ¬†I thought that was a good verse for all those worries in the world. I do admit though I can be a bit of a worrier about certain things. My mom says that I was a ¬†hypochondriac growing up. I was freaked in my teen years that I was going to get cancer and die. I have to laugh about that now. ¬†As an adult my biggest worries are my kids. I want to be a good parent, to train them in the way they should go like the Bible says and keep them safe from harm. I think things were easier before I had kids, way less stress and yet my life is richer with them. Wouldn’t change anything.


I don’t know why but this is a post I have been avoiding. I struggled to find the right time and words to express what I am feeling.

We are leaving our sunny little island home. I knew this day would come but I thought it would be later. Now that the final decision has been made feelings of sadness weal¬†up when I tell my friends our plans or take walks on the beach knowing I wont be able to enjoy its beauty for much longer, many things I will miss as the years pass and I’ll look back on our life here. And yet excitement takes hold of me as a new chapter of our lives starts to unfold.¬†¬†We are moving to the cold north, Wisconsin. My kids have spent most of their life in the tropics and I am sure protest to the climate change will arise, possibly even from me. As my husband likes to remind me “you can always put more on when cold but can only take so much off when hot”. I will be wearing lots of LAYERS. This may sound funny but I am looking forward to wearing coats, boots, jeans, sweaters, hats and gloves, oh the unspeakable joys of wearing layers. We will be arriving in North America just in time for the Holidays.

Crabs, Pollywogs and gecko hunting

C.T. is s very girlie girl, she enjoys wearing dresses, skirts, and purple flowery attire is her favorite. But yet she is constantly outdoors exploring, stealing eggs from wild chickens, crab and gecko hunting with her partner in crime, Tito. Hermit crabs are a huge delight to them both.

Here they are together crab hunting

Here they are, I am sure, out searching for some little creature to examine and torture though they don’t mean to be cruel.

This is a little crab C.T.s dad gave her. They like to let them hang or crawl on their shoulders.

Recently with the rain it has been polliwogs (or tadpoles as some people call them) and frogs.

They caught this big frog last night. She just reached down and grabbed that thing with no qualms. I used to do stuff like that. In fact I had a whole fish tank full of them at one time. Not something I would recommend though, my room stunk pretty bad. I eventually let them go and than found a turtle to keep. Guess C.T. is not so different from me when I was a little girl.

My best friend and our Ramadan experience

My best friend is coming, for a whole week!!! I have been trying to get her down here for ages. The plan has been made, ticket booked, no turning back. In eight days I will be picking her up at the air port. The last time I saw her was a year ago in Minneapolis MN. We had decided we wanted to go to a Mediterranean restaurant, not realizing that it was Ramadan or what that would even mean to us that night. All we could think about was eating some good lamb and having a good time catching up. We got to the restaurant and saw a big tent right out in front set up with tables. We glanced at each other wondering what that would mean. We ordered our food, all the people working there had accents and looked middle eastern. Cool I thought. Right before we got our food that we had ordered tons and tons of people came poring into the restaurant and outside into the tent. They all looked like they had just stepped off a plane from Saudi Arabia, Egypt or somewhere in that area . It was an eye opener for me, I have never really thought about the Muslim population we have in the US.


Our huge plate of food finally came. Wow, they really know how to pile it on.

These pictures are taken with my husbands old iPhone, excuse the blur

We had hummus, lamb and well not sure what else, I have forgotten but it was all very good. While eating, above us on the TV was playing this middle eastern sounding music and a guy calling people to pray to Allah . I toyed with the idea of witnessing but was not sure how such a religious and masculine culture would respond to a women telling them about Jesus Christ. I looked around me and all the women were sitting with men, not one women sitting alone. A lot of them were covered from head to toe, so foreign to me. It was starting to feel creepy, my friend and I decided to leave but wanted to take a picture of us together and tried to get this guy to do it for us.

My friend and I and you can see the TV that was blaring its propaganda above us

Guess that was a mistake because the owner (at least seamed liked the owner) came over and said he would do it for us and to leave that man alone. He did not want me taking any pictures of anything else beside us. He was weird. A feeling started coming over me that I was not wanted there, that I was an outsider, we quickly left soon after. ¬†I liked the food but the atmosphere was ÔĽŅÔĽŅconfining. The whole experienced made me more conscious of the the Muslims in the US and how we need to be sharing the gospel with them. Jesus is the only way as in John 14:6¬†Jesus said to him, ‚ÄúI am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”.

Ten great things part II

Writing about things I like about here made me think of things I miss about North America. So my top ten are:

#1. Family and Friends

#2. The four season

#3. SNOW

#5. The Holidays

#6. Stores like Walmart or places like the Mall

#7. Public Parks

#8. Customer service (they can care less here)

#9. Taco Bell

#10. Unlimited high speed Internet


It always amazes me how for so long I feel like I am muddling my way through Spanish and than one day it hits me that I can understand what is being said. Not like “Voila, I am fluent” but “Voila, I know more than I thought I did”. ¬†That happens to me every so often and tonight was one of those times. It makes me feel really good about my Spanish. Last Sunday I was sitting with Enriqueto, and we were chatting as we colored together (he is so precious), when my pronunciation was off ¬†he would correct me by saying it back slowly and he is only three! Kids are my favorite when it comes to practising Spanish. My grammar is atrocious I know, I just basically throw things together and hope it makes sense in the end. That is what you would call flying by the seat of my pants.

Ten great things about living on a tropical island

When you live in “Paradise” one starts to forget how wonderful it is. I do all the time, so to remind myself I will share with you my top 10 favorite thing about living here.

#1. The gorgeous scenery

#2. The sea

#3. My skin is always nice and moist (humidity takes care of that, God’s natural lotion)

0#4. Eating freshly made tortillas

#5. Being able to eat coconuts, apple bananas, litchis and other tropical fruits

#6. The chance to learn Spanish and use it daily

#7. The simplicity of life

#8. Being able to ride in the back of the truck

#9. Never ending summer

#10. Always having some tan on my legs