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There is this oh so delicious fruit that we only see here on the island once a year. It is during the fall and winter season it jumps on a boat from the mainland and makes its appearance. It is called Litchis, which I have just found out is not its acutally name, it is really a Rambutan but the locals call it litchis. Litchis is a different but very simular to the Rambutant which grows here.

The outside of this fruit has soft prickly skin.

Inside has a big seed surrounded by this white succulent fruit. My favorite. They are sold in bags of twenty for only a dollar. Today on our way home from town we picked some up and our enjoying them immensely.

Few photos that I like

This one I have used in a post before. My husband took this while at the Chicago zoo. It is just gorgeous.

Kristen Farrah took this one. I love how she captured Ni Ni.

Becca K took this one.

I took this one. There is something weird that I like about it. Think its the haze the sand gives it.

My health resolution update

I thought I would up date you on my health resolution. Which was

#1. Don’t over eat

#2. Select the healthiest item I have (water or soda?, chips or banana?)

#3. Exercise

#4. Eat light in the evenings

It has been over a month since I started doing it and it is working! I had wanted to lose a few lbs and I did. Things I have noticed since I starting this is: when I am not hungry I don’t want to eat (I would snack with out an appetite) and when I am eating a meal the moment I start to feel the least bit full I stop eating. I hate that stuffed, full feeling I get when I eat to much.  I really enjoy my morning workouts too. The one I struggle with most is #4. because my Other half is such a fabulous cook I hate to miss out on any of his appetizing dishes.

Salmos 23:1

This evening in small people class I am encouraging my kids to memorize Bible verses. In the older kids class on Sunday morning they memorize verses and get a prize (a Popsicle) so I have decided to do the same accept the whole class has to learn it in Spanish. Normally English kids learn the verse in English and Spanish kids in Spanish. I am having them learn Salmos 23:1 “EL SENOR es me pastor, nada me faltara.” I will let you figure that one out on your own.


I can not tell you how much I cherish these rainy days, to fall asleep with the sound of rain pounding on my roof, to wake up to the coolness it brings wafting through my windows in the morning. After 8 months of continual sun and heat rainy season is very welcome. With this weather it makes me want to get out more. I head out for walks on the beach when there are breaks in the down poor. There is a little more activity on the water with all the storming and turmoil at sea. It always brings back memories from my childhood years spent in Oregon. We would go to the coast often as a family.

At the Oregon coast, my dad holding me while my sister stands by

I have to say that the Caribbean can not even come close to the Pacific. The Pacific holds a majestic power for me with its huge crashing waves, frigid waters and the pungent aroma of its salt spray hangs in the back of my mind calling me to return to its noble shores.

The house

Across the street in between the two buildings and vehicles is a house under construction.

I am drawn to this house.

Even has its own tree growing inside of it.

Who ever will live here (once finished) will have such a cute place.

First time for everything

The Lil Guy had his first beach experience. The few times before he would sleep the whole time or sit contentedly in his car seat watching from a distance. This time was hands on. He got to grab fistful of sand,

find interesting things on the beach,

sand in the mouth so he knows in the future how gross it is,

splashing salty waves

and yes even this.

Flying a kite

The weather we are having is gorgious. These cloudy, windy, rainy days are wonderful. We went to the beach that is right by where we live to fly a kite this morning after school.

Storm washed up a lot of junk.

Ready to fly.


Ever see a flying shark?


Ni Ni off in her own little world, doing her own thing.