Monthly Archives: November 2010

“You don’t eat no meat? Oh, thats ok I make lamb”

This year with being in the US we had all kinds of options as to what we would like to eat in celebrations of Thanksgiving. We chose lamb, New Zealand lamb. In my opinion lamb is very Biblical so it must be the best.  My husband prepared it beautifully.

Before the meal special spontaneous entertainment ensued.

Giving thanks to God, the one who has given all. I caught two little eyes open during prayer.

This year we were able to celebrate with a lot of my side of the family, something I have not been able to do for a few years but it would have been perfect if all my husband’s family could have been there too. We miss you all in Honduras.

One week

I have been in the US for one week now, still adjusting. I have to admit I am experiencing culture shock with the huge selection of food  and products, weather and language. I am so awe stuck whenever I go to Walmart or a mall, there is so much stuff and I don’t want to miss anything. It still amazes me that I can understand every conversations people are having as they walk by me, well accept the Asian looking lady and her son when at the store the other day, was totally out of the loop on that one. The fact I am not straining to understand the language spoken around me is different, I have come quite used to it and did not mind it for the most part.

This week beside catching up with family and friends I did go out and rake leaves. This is a before photo, did not take an after.

Unpacked these suit cases (almost). I left them outside when I first arrived in case I happen to bring any cockroaches back with me.

And trying to keep an eye on this gang of hooligans. My sister has a 4 and 2 year old and a baby on the way. So with my 8 month, 3 and 5  year old we have our hands full.

Last days

Hurricane hunting. We got up early that morning when Hurricane Richard was supposed to hit. Wanting to see huge waves, it ended up being a tropical storm. Hurricane missed us.

Sweet baby in toddler class on Wednesday. Just wanted to take her home with me, so adorable.

Friends saying good bye.

Group photo for memories.

Last sun soaking moments on the docks. Good bye old memories and hello to new ones.

Actual north

After traveling all day yesterday we finally arrived at our destination late last night. I woke up this morning and rushed outside right away wanting to experience this new atmosphere. Brr, yes I was cold but it was very refreshing and I refuse to complain. I am enjoying this lovely fall weather, it is at the tail end of it’s splendor before going dormant into the winter dullness. I have to shout out that “I AM LOVING IT!”


It is my last full day on Roatan. Our flight that starts our journey is at 9:00 AM tomorrow. I keep trying to think of things I want to do before I leave and only two things pop in my head which is drive all the way out to the east end to old Port Royal or one last swim at West Bay beach. I don’t think any of those will happen but it would be fun. This morning I woke up and had my quiet time with God on a dock on the beach, afterwards I soaked in the lush tropical beauty around me. Questions are racing through my mind like: do I really want to leave? And would I be staying if things had been different? I am comforted with my answers. Yes I am ready to leave and no I would not be staying even if things had been different. I am very thankful for our time here and for the various people we have met and friends we have made but I am ready to move on, ready for what God has for us next.