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The local YMCA is fabulous, especially with the long cold winters. My daughters miss swimming terribly. They were constantly  asking and I would explain how cold it was and that we would not be able to swim until it got hot outside. Nini would come to me constantly and tell me how hot it was now even when you would show her bare cold facts

of this.  She is a total island girl and misses days like

this. Let me tell you, you may think you wish you were here in this picture right now but it is hot. I remember this day, I think it was one of the many hot days of the year. Serious hotness like the water is so warm its like bath water hotness.

Now this day on the other hand was a gorgeous Roatan day. The intensity of the sun is hiding behind a cloud, a nice breeze is blowing, perfect, makes you want to live there forever.

We checked into the local Y and it has been a life saver, kids love it. Not only does it have a pool but an indoor ice skating rink, indoor soccer field, a climbing wall, the pool also has a big water slide, child care and all the other stuff  YMCA’s have, this place has all the bells and whistles. Very thankful.

The world of books

I am happy to announce that I have gotten back into reading books. As a teen I read all the time and than I got a job and found less time to read but was still able. Once I got married I started having kids and than the idea of reading a book became a complete novelty. I am not able to devour a book in just a few sittings (my darling distractions are still alive and well) but at least I get one read in about a week or more and for that I am thankful.

Work out addict

I have always enjoyed working out, swimming when in Honduras because the sea was right out my front door and running when in the US also my all time favorite Pilate’s. I like the book ” The Pilate’s Body ” by Brooke Siler.

Pilate’s has healed my back. I worked as a CNA in my late teens and I injured it. I have been doing Pilates since I was 19 and now I have no back problems. I love the slimming affect too.

Recently I have gotten into working out with a DVD.  My first exposure to it was with Tony Hortons “P90X”.

I did his program for about a month and it was really good but very time consuming. His work outs would last an hour to an hour and 15 minutes and being a mother with small children that does not always coincide very well. I found myself really enjoying the DVD’S so much so I went on a hunt for the perfect work out video which I have found with Jillian Michaels “20 minute shred”.

She is really good and I always feel like I kicked butt. With her 20 minute work out I am also able to do Pilate’s. My favorite time to work out is mornings, makes a good start to the day.

The big decision

We have decided to put C.T. in public school. It was a hard decision to make one I mulled over for a while but after visiting the school we decided to do it. Since making the decision I have not regretted it. The school has two speech therapist on staff something C.T. needs, her teacher is super, we are told she is highly coveted, and best of all C.T. loves it. She wakes up every morning dying to go and on Saturdays is counting the days till she goes back again.

Friged north

Every time I feel I have adjusted to the weather it plays a trick on me and gets colder.

At present we have hit the bellow zero part of the winter which is the hardest time of the year, to cold to snow, to cold to even go out of doors. You dread climbing out of your warm cozy bed, one just wants to stay indoors close to the fire with a hot cup of tea in your hand, curled up with a blanked and to top it off a great book. This would be perfect if the kids had the same idea.

Being back

Being back from the international mission field has been very hard, a lot harder than I thought it would be. Some days I toy with the idea of going back to Honduras but when I really stop to think about it I am glad we are here and I know this is where God wants us. My husband has been looking for work and he has not found any yet. It has been hard not having a home of my own but I am thankful to my sister and brother in law for opening up theirs to us. The Lord has been good in so many ways and when I think about all He has done I am truly blessed.


Last week we went to Chicago to see C.T. doctors at Shriners hospital.

Shriners is a great place. They make medical experiences for kids a lot more pleasant than they can be.

Waiting to see the doctor, the girls are playing.

On our way home we went to Red Lobster. I think it may be coming a new tradition for us.

The girls  (espeically C.T.) gets a huge kick out of the lobsters in the tank. Not just seeing them but also the idea of eating them fasinates her and not to mention curbs the apitite. Me on the other hand is happy with shrimp.