Monthly Archives: February 2011

The lovely couple

At church last Sunday I met this lovely couple. The wife is from London England and the husband is originally from California but they now live here in Wisconsin. Being around her made me miss my British friends who live on Roatan. They invited us over for dinner and so we went. I had a wonderful time just soaking up her accent, drinking tea and eating short bread cookies. They’re are such a fun couple. She loves to go to rummage sales and finding free things along the road. I am more of a thrift sore person but am in total agreeance in finding free things along the road, what could be better than that!

To be Italian

I was in Italy 3 years ago. Italians are loud and animated. In the Milan air port waiting for our flight, the first hour low rumble of conversations going on around us, second hour it gets progressively louder and so on. On the plane I kept thinking things would quiet down but its the same as the airport. During the long (I mean long flight) children run around the plane, adults do also, talking and laughing loudly, even though they do not know you they put their arm around you or touch your periodically through out a conversation. When they are angry they are very animated, they seam to live with all their emotions. My mother in law and I we talk about how we should have been Italian, when we freak out, start yelling and motioning with our hands, people wont be concerned or surprised they will just say “oh they are Italian”.

Those cheeks

My niece is a stinker. She is a determined child who will not ask for help, she is constantly trying to do things on her own even if she can’t, also part of being a 2 year old too. She has a personality all her own, spunky little punk, reminds me of C.T. She also has these adorable cheeks that I want to grab and squeeze to death. The kind of thing you would see a grandma do.

With cheeks like these you just gotta. I think with being her aunt I fall in the area of cheek squeezing rights.