Monthly Archives: March 2011

Laird’s belong together

There is fifteen of us in one house hold. My sister and brother in law have 2 girls and a 3 month old boy. My husband and I have 2 girls and a boy, my father and mother in law are here with their 2 boys and 1 girl. There are a lot of us but it feels right, Laird’s belong together. We are only missing my husband’s younger 20 year old brother. He lives in Canada with his wife of 1 year. He is going to school to be a doctor and she a lawyer.

Poor he or not

My husband went to Southern California two weeks ago to work on a project with his uncle and aunt. I did not feel sorry for him in the least because he was. . .

here enjoying this with. . .

views like this and of course great weather because after all it is So Cal.  I would have liked to go, I had visions of myself laying by the pool, taking runs through the orange groves and leisurely plucking grape fruit, an orange or drinking some fresh lemon aid made from tree in their back yard. Of course I do know that my poor husband was working the whole time, it was not a pleasure trip for him but if I had went it would have been for me. Oh well he is back now which I am very happy about, I can’t be jealousy any more. OK so that is evil. Seriously though I and the kids missed him terribly.

Lil guy turns 1

Last month was the lil’ guys birthday. It turned out to be a nice event. His great aunt from California was even there.  The hotel my aunt was staying in had a pool so we thought we would have a party there but it was a Saturday and I guess everyone else had the same idea. I think we were one of 5 birthday parties that went on that day.

The pools was pretty busy most of the afternoon but by the time we decided to go swimming most of the people had  gone. It worked out well.

The long separation

C.T. and Tito have been apart for four months now. C.T. talks often of her absent uncle. She has a pair of spider man boots saved for him, and will constantly try to save muffins, ice cream or candy for him. The long separation will soon be over Tito and his family will be here in a matter of a few short days for a visit.

I love these photos. It is Sunday morning my husband took them with his iPhone and they are hilarious because Tito and C.T. are on either side of my mother in law being dragged off to class. My what a mischievous two they are.


My little sister complains that I don’t blog anymore and well it has been true. I keep waiting for things to change but that is slow in happening. Change as in I have been living with my sister and brother in law since arriving in the US which has been nice but it is getting pretty old, none the less I am thankful for a place to live because other wise I don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for them. There will be change soon enough, we have found a place and will probably be moving in in a month. That is exciting! My husband has found a job, praise the Lord for that. Things are definitely moving along  but at a slow pace. Transitions off the mission field has not been easy but we are getting there. Even though we aren’t on the foreign soil I still feel like we are on the mission field. When coming back to the US we knew it would not be for a better life but for ministry, though I have to say living in North American is not always easy on me, at times I prefer not to be here but will always love the country of my birth and am proud to say I am an American citizen . We are still very involved with ministry at our local church and weekly Bible study which my husband teaches and brother in law leads worship and children’s ministry.

Beautiful snow we had from a late winter storm that hit a couple days ago.