Daily Archives: March 11, 2011


My little sister complains that I don’t blog anymore and well it has been true. I keep waiting for things to change but that is slow in happening. Change as in I have been living with my sister and brother in law since arriving in the US which has been nice but it is getting pretty old, none the less I am thankful for a place to live because other wise I don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for them. There will be change soon enough, we have found a place and will probably be moving in in a month. That is exciting! My husband has found a job, praise the Lord for that. Things are definitely moving along ¬†but at a slow pace. Transitions off the mission field has not been easy but we are getting there. Even though we aren’t on the foreign soil I still feel like we are on the mission field. When coming back to the US we knew it would not be for a better life but for ministry, though I have to say living in North American is not always easy on me, at times I prefer not to be here but will always love the country of my birth and am proud to say I am an American citizen . We are still very involved with ministry at our local church and weekly Bible study which my husband teaches and brother in law leads worship and children’s ministry.

Beautiful snow we had from a late winter storm that hit a couple days ago.