Monthly Archives: May 2011

Memorial day

Over Memorial day I know a lot of people went on vacation and I also know a lot of people stayed home to work around the house or had barbecues in the back yard. We fell into the last two categories. My sister and brother in law were very kind to come to our house and work on it. Later in the afternoon my sister and I walked to the park with our gagle of small kids. The park is right on the lake, we had just planned to let the kids play but it was hot and we eventually wondered over by the water where wading was not good enough and total bodies came in contact with the water.

It is not Roatan but it works just as well, no complaints.

For dinner that we night some friends came over and we had a brat roast in the back yard, Wisconsin style!


Why do us pregnant women think we look bigger than we are? I am feeling BIG but in reality my belly isn’t really that BIG yet and when it actually is I will have something to groan about.

I really need to get back into blogging, I have not been because my life feels like it has been on hold, stagnant, I think it is picking up pace again because we are very close to moving into our house!!! Some cool things have been happening like the electricity is pretty much done and the plumbing is almost done so hopefully next week we can get some inspectors out to inspect the place and than have the green light to move in. I am just looking forward to being able to clean my own house. Today I went over to mow the lawn and work in the raised garden beds. Yes we have raised beds! I am hoping to plant some vegetables. We shall see how that goes.

16 weeks along

Something new to go along with the new house is we are expecting another baby. Yes baby number four is on his or her way. I am 16 weeks now and I have a baby bump. The girls likes to tell everyone that we are having lots and lots of kids, they are very excited about this new brother or sister.

Sorry about the mess, we still have not moved into our new house. An update on our house is the electric is done and the plumbing is just about. I think a few touch ups on that and hopefully Lord willing we will be able to start cleaning up and move in next week sometime.