Monthly Archives: August 2011

Friday Fun

On Friday we went to a theme park with my husbands youth group. We got a late start when our car ran out of gas and had to wait 45 minutes before we were able to find some help. Thankfully a man who was mowing his lawn had a gas tank with gas in it and gave us enough to get to a gas station. Thank the Lord for that. The theme park was very crowded but mainly for rides for older kids, the youth lucked out but the little kids did not.

In line

The lil guy really enjoyed the rides also.

Nini in her cool black race car.

Saturdays baking

Saturday we have a Bible study at our house and I always like to have something prepared for all who come. Last Saturday I made cinnamon rolls.

C.T. helped. She is really quite a go getter.

I ended up making more than enough so was able to share with some neighbors.

I wish you had been here to have some with me!

Summer photos 1

We are coming to the end of the summer so I thought I would share some summer events. For the 4th of July we went to the big park that is a few blocks away to watch fire works with friends and my sisters family. The show lasted for an hour.


Waiting for it to start.

This was our kids first American 4th of July.


It is funny but I see more nature living in town than when I lived in the country.

I see lots of wild rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, hawks chasing squirrels, early one morning I saw a skunk walking down the street.  I see enough deer along the road and in fields so I am ok not see them in town. I like living in town 🙂

The hair incident

Nini my four year old who’s hair had finally grown out nice and long came to me looking like

This! I was in shock. I had thought she and her sister were done with the hair cutting thing. I guess Nini and C.T. decided that Nini needed another hair cut.

On sunday after church we took Nini to the mall to get her hair fixed

It turned out cute and short, not much else you can do with it.

We also got her ears pierced, she chose  hearts with a pink rock in the middle.