Monthly Archives: August 2011

Summer Birthday party

Over the weekend my niece had a birthday party.


She is such a sweet girl

It took place at a local water park which was perfect for the age group of children we had.

It was  a little chilly so after a while the kids became lumps under towels for a little while.

They than discovered a neat sand play area where. . .

young and. . .

old had fun.

The party was a hit!

28 weeks

Pregnancy update! I am moving along nicely, getting big and round. I am hitting my third trimester and it is always the hardest and longest part of a pregnancy. I have had a ultra sound where they said all looks good and we think the baby is a girl. It was a little hard to tell because the baby was not in the right position so we won’t be a 100 % until the little person makes an appearance but we think we are having a girl.


I found these photos in photo booth and in looking behind me I realized in all of these photos my bed was unmade.

This one in my room when in Honduras and not only is my bed unmade but my room a mess, yikes!

This one while staying at my sisters

and than a couple days ago again no made bed. One would think I never make my bed and well I do sometimes, I used to make it all the time but have kind of given up because my kids or husband will come in and mess it all up. My husband theory is you should make it right before you go to bed which seams to make sense when one has bed crashers living in their house

Vacation in Michigan

My husband had some time off so we went to visit some friends who we knew from our time in Honduras. It was a nice little get away for us, especially for me because they have three older daughters who enjoy small children. While there we went to this lovely town called Ludington where every Friday night they have something going on down town. The town is also known to have one of the top five beaches in the US.

Nila on a little boat/train ride.

Zeph really upset once he realized what his sisters were doing

He would not be consoled until he got himself into a boat ride of his own.

A few days later the kids were able to ride a horse.

Our friends work at a Christian camp that has horses.

This boy has no healthy fear of horses, he tried to run right up to one and growl.