Monthly Archives: September 2011

Somethings new

We ordered new windows for our house. All our windows but four were the really old ones so one of our goals was to put new windows in before winter.

In our living room is our biggest window and the old one was missing the three panes up top which we though must have been stain glass.

Here is the window replaced, looks bigger.

Two more replaced windows up stairs, they still need the trim put back on. This room actually did not have windows it was only the storm windows.

One more thing that is new is. . .

this small hutch. Our neighbor was going to put it on the curb but thought to ask us first if we wanted it. It is just perfect for me, I use it for the girls school things.

Week 34

I am 34 weeks now and this picture is slightly blurry,( I can’t seam to take good pictures of myself). I now officially have a scheduled c-section which is Nov. 1st but I am hoping that I go into labor my 38th week because I really, really want an October baby but I don’t want the baby to be born on Halloween so anywhere from the 24-28th of October would be ok with me. All in all though I want a healthy baby with a great delivery.

Great finds

Since coming back to the states my favorite shopping is thrift stores. It is hard for me to buy something brand new if I know I can find it somewhere else (yes used but still in good shape) cheaper plus you never know what you will find at a thrift stores so it is an adventure. Some of my favorite finds are

this high chair for 7 dollars

dehydrator for 4

and my most recent and favorite is this Egyptian cotton duvet for 6!

I am thankful for the way the Lord has been provided for our family.

Grrr too busy

Last week was to busy for me. I was totally thrown out of routine but this week I am getting back into the saddle. Was able to make a big pot of soup (like to do that once a week and we will eat that through out the week), yogurt is in the process of being make today, I can’t wait to greek it, its my favorite way to eat yogurt and tomorrow I hope to work on tomatoes. Also nice to be back into normal school routine with the girls too. I am quite impressed that I have been very diligent at getting school done every day it has become like an obsession of mine.

In the 30’s

I am 31 weeks along now. I always liked it when I hit the 30’s because I feel so close to the end, I only have about 8 weeks left. I am tired a lot and must be nesting too because I have many things I want to get done. I will be glad when this little person finally comes out. For a while I was concerned that I had lead poisoning because when I first got pregnant we had done a lot of work on the house taking out old plumbing, a chimney and etc and I helped a lot. I did not know that it was not good to be around that when pregnant. Last week I got tested to see how much lead was in my system and they said normal is from 0-11 and I only had 2 so I am fine and so is the baby.

Good bye gray

Remember this photo of my gray kitchen? Well my kitchen is now beige

My sisters came over to help me paint  yesterday.

It is much brighter in there now, praise the Lord. We are still going to do something with the black trim and cupboard doors but first wanted to get rid of the gray, with fall coming and winter next it will be gray enough out of doors.