Monthly Archives: December 2011

One month

Today our Doll is one month old.

We all can not get enough of her, She is such a joyous addition! God is good.

I have to admit I have way to much fun dressing her up.

I love her boots, she gets to be so fashionable at such a young age and she is not even aware of it (sigh)

Pumpkin everything

I have been on a pumpkin craze. Since fall is pumpkins season and we see them every where I have been collecting them as much as possible, people will give them or throw them away. I have already gotten some from the neighbors trash (lucky me ­čÖé

They were these ones I had never seen before call Knuckle head pumpkins. I read that they were genetically designed to look like this. They look hideous but taste fine. My mom also gave me a bunch of Sugar pie pumpkins so I have a nice collection.

I love to eat pumpkins so am delighted with the opportunity to see all the things I can cook or bake using pumpkins. I have already made pumpkin bars, pumpkin soup and pumpkin gingerbread with spiced buttercream. So far my favorite recipe is the Pumpkin Gingerbread with spiced buttercream I made it twice it was that good!! It is a vegan recipe so I just added the egg, butter and milk instead of the vegan ingredients so for me it was not vegan but oh it was to die for. Today I am making pumpkin brownies for Bible study, we shall see how they turn out. I am looking forward to my next project which will be pumpkin butter.

My moby

Quite a few people I know have these baby carriers called Moby. I always thought for my next baby I would like to have one but they cost 40 bucks and when it came down to it I did not have that type of money to spend so I prayed and the Lord provided one through my neighbor. She actually made hers and she told me all they are is a long piece of materiel that you don’t even need to sew, just cut! I am so thankful! Here is the link to see for yourself baby moby sling




They are very comfortable and no strain on your back or shoulders, perfect baby wearing!