Monthly Archives: March 2012

Chicago Bound (part II)

Staying at the hotel was lots of fun. The kids really enjoyed that but even more than that was our reunion with our family. Once they arrived we stayed up late, everyone way to excited to sleep. The next day we went to China town for lunch.


We had this really good ramen soup. Soooo tasty.

Afterwards we drove through down town on our way to Lincoln park zoo.

I really enjoyed all the old buildings and also driving by the park. Down town Chicago is quite lovely.

Chicago bound

Today my in laws are flying in from Honduras. We are supposed to pick them up tomorrow. My husband thought it would be fun to drive down today and stay in the same hotel and surprise them. We headed out this afternoon

and hit traffic of course but not to bad for Chicago.

We hit some stormy weather too but it cleared up pretty quick.

We found ourselves a Chinese restaurant and I found some chocolate.

I was bad and so I am paying for it with a belly ache. Can’t wait to see the family though!

Cake Balls

My sister came over today and we made cake balls.


I had never heard of them till recently. All it is
1. Boxed cake baked cooled and crumbled
2. Icing mixed in the cake
3. Form into small balls and put in freezer for 20 min or more
4. Dip in chocolate.

And this is what it looks like. Yum!

All things Friday

Glad to be done with school this week!! One more week left and it’s spring break for Charlie (C.T.) . Also one week till family from Honduras arrive, woot woot! Some fun things this week I found this super cool web-sight carahemilie I really like her hair styles, they are things I can actually do with my hair and she has a lot of other fun things on her sight too. I also found I like Swedish pancakes, oh so good, I have yet to find the perfect recipe but I am searching. Today my mom came over and gave the lil guy a hair cut.

Before we have hairy space boy

After we have handsome boy.

The girls also made some can stilts so they can be taller.

To top this all off the weather had been gorgeous. Like 60 and 70 degrees. A blessing for those of us in Wisconsin.


Confession, I have finally given in, I let my kids wear boots everywhere


Even to church.

I got tired of yelling at my kids to stay out of mud puddles. Now they can have a little fun and I can relax.