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Homeschooling was started back up after a month break while my in laws were here. It was so hard to get back into school again. Charlie and I were fighting it. Until my mother in law introduced me to smart tutor. I love my mother in law! It totally saved the school year for me. It teaches math and reading and goes from kindergarten to 5th grad which is great for me seeing I have a 5 year old and a soon to be 7 year old. It cost 17 dollars a month for the first child and than another 10 for the second but that is cheaper than what my other idea was which was doing Abeka live streaming. Plus it goes along with what I like to do. I am not a stick with one curriculum person, I like to pick through things and figure out what works best with my kids. My mom is that way too. Another reason I like smart tutor is it does all the repetition work. I don’t have to explain things over and over again. It is also fun. My oldest loves it!! Now school flies by smoothly and I am able to work on other things with them and am not so drained.

My many birthdays in May

A couple days ago was my birthday. Birthday are great!! I turned 29 this year. I thought it would be fun to go though my photos and pull out pictures taken around my birthday.

This was taken in 06 in Honduras at a good friends baby shower. Two young girls in the photo were only 12 now they are 18.

Could not find a picture of me in 2007 but here is my other half and Charlie when she was two. We were in California visit family on our way to Russia.

2008 on a US military frigit. It was really cool, we got a tour of it and were taken out to sea for a few hours. I was sick but wanted to go so badly so I went any way. Leah was so little here.

2009 On the Mainland of Honduras for a get away.

2010 hanging out in our room, Roatan.

2011 in Wisconsin pregnant with Dasha

This is todays photo of 2012. Lil guy is really into photos these days.

On Pizza

I like pizza a lot! When we moved back to the US a year ago I experienced Papa John for the first time and it became my favorite. When ever I got a craving I wanted only Papa Johns and that got expensive of course so I did not get my cravings fulfilled as often as I would want. After getting my bread machine (a thrifty find) I found a pizza dough recipe and I love it. Now when ever I want pizza we make home made which is so much cheaper and fun, also I can throw on whatever topping I want.

Here the girls are helping me.


I have to confess that I do not like my home made whole wheat dough. I do not care for that whole wheat flavor in pizza, so I normally use white flour.

A bit of art

Charlie had a dental appointment in Chicago.


We drove down together because it was the first Thursday of the month and the Milwaukee art museum had free admission so we took that opportunity to get some culture under our belts.

It’s a pretty cool looking building, very modern.





The kids enjoyed the child hands on area. Clint and I really enjoyed all the classic art. The kids were a bit bored with the classics until asked to draw what they saw than they had a bit more fun. It was a good experience, I think we will be doing that again.


6 months

Someone once said to me “children are waisted on the young”. At the time I was 20 and single and had yet to experience marriage or children of my own, I did not understand what he was talking about but now with every passing year and with every new baby I know he was right. I appreciate each day with my children a little more and I treasure each stage even more than before. I am slightly sad to see little Dasha get older, I want to soak up these short days of her babyhood as much as possible.

She rolls like a pro and will sit on her own for a few seconds. She is growing!

Her siblings adore her.