Monthly Archives: June 2012

Charlie turns 7

I was excited this year because we decided to get a Lego set for Charlie’s birthday. They have the coolest Legos now.

These are super girly, I would have loved these when I was a kid.

I had a blast helping her build.

I was a little sad when it was done being built, I remember feeling that way as a kid too, the best part was building. Charlie was super happy though.


In the kids room there is a corner entertainment center that I thought with some tweaks would make a good toy box type of thing. I had different ideas but in the end I used it the way it is.

Here is how I kept the toys just in a bin all mixed together.

I got these plastic bins at Target to separate and organize all the toys to fit on shelves. The idea came from a friend.

Very nice

(The toy shelf is covering a door that is soon to be a wall. Under construction.)