Monthly Archives: July 2012

Post surgery

My oldest had a surgery on her right hand and left foot 6 weeks ago.

It has been a hard summer to be in a cast with it being so hot, all one wants to do is swim.
Her cast was removed a week ago, we have been doing lots of swimming since. Her hand and foot seam to be healing nicely.

She can now straighten her finger which before she could not. It seams the surgeries have been a success! Praise the Lord for that. We can can now enjoy the rest of the summer a bit more freely.

Candida diet (2)

This is my third week on the candida diet. The first 2 weeks I did really good. Friday of last week we went to Chicago for a doc appointment for my oldest gromlet (a.k.a. my oldest daughter) so it made following the diet hard and than we went to Culvers on the way home and I love their custard so had to eat that and did not get back on the band wagon for another couple days. Now though my husband had agreed to do one week with me than we are done. It has been really good for us because it has made us eat a lot more veggies and whole grains and no sugary junk. We are going to start adding a lot more whole grains and veggies to our diet now and try to keep sugary process foods out of it and try to use natural sugars like agave and etc. It has been fun creating new dishes.

I have been running all summer

Me after a run in my running gear. I first worked up to 3 miles than to 5 and after running 5 I felt good that I can do it but am happy doing just 3 mile runs. I try to do that at least 3 times a week. My husband started swimming and I was thinking I should give that a go because when it gets to cold I won’t want to run as much and it would give my upper body a work out too. I loaded up on some books at the library and figured what I want to do and headed to the Y. I have found it surprising enough fun and relaxing. Another thing nice about swimming is we can all do it together as a family.

Candida diet (sort of)

Little D has thrush in her mouth. She had a fever a week ago and must have gotten thrush around than. I did not notice it till it affected me. We both have it, hers in the mouth and mine on my breast. The Lil’ guy had gotten it when he was around this age and I went off of sugar till it went away. This time around I did the same but also looked to see what else one should not eat when getting rid of yeast infections and honestly there are a lot of things you aren’t supposed to eat.  Here is a link to foods to avoid there are a lot of them. I have done pretty good with not eating most of them but failed a bit with potatoes, beans, wheat and oats. I had not realized I was not supped to be eating rolled oats (which I have had with no sugar only cinnamon and coconut oil for breakfast, its quite good). For some reason I thought I could eat those 4 items and had been the last couple of days but now that I know what is on the can eat list I am going to try to do that as best I can. For me just going off of sugar is a big thing. It has been 3 days now and going well. I am eating better, not being able to eat any type of sugar has been the hardest because I have such a sweet tooth, it had been getting a bit out of hand so this is a good thing.

The monkeys

My lil guy is one of a kind.

He can be so serious at times but with us at home he is funny. One of his favorite words is “monkey”, I think because we made monkey bread a few times and the word monkey stuck. He also loves pizza especially for breakfast.

He is such good friends with his sister who just turned 8 months.

She has just started as of today pulling herself up by furniture and standing. She can’t wait to catch up. I am going to need another baby soon at the way this one is going.

They are my monkeys.