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This is now a common sight in our house. After 7 years of doing it myself my kids are finally old enough to help with chores and even the little guy wants to help his sisters. I have always had the kids help me with things that I was doing, they helped me pick up the floor, clear the table and they would have to clean their room (once a week) but now they have two things that have to get done before the day is over and they are empty the dish washer and clean their room. They do these task quite happily.

Rock the Lakes

My husband and I are the youth leaders at our church which is a pretty cool thing because you can do things like go to camp,go on mission trips, go to concerts and go to church lock ins, and go on mission trips, did I already say that? Not to mention hang out with teens so that when my kids are teens I will be well prepared. I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for that though. Rock the Lakes was here in Wisconsin in Green Bay so we took the youth. It was pretty fun. I have never been to a Billy Grahm Crusade, it was more of a concert than anything though.

Here is us waiting in line, why not be comfy.

At the concert waiting for something to take place on stage.

Some wild and crazy band who my mother would not like.  But they were cool and gave a great performance. The lead singer was pretty wild, he jumped around and climbed up the stage, yeah it was quite a show.

Here is a picture of the kids shoes in front of me. Why do kids where big bulky shoes that look like they are going to come off? You would never see me or my Mother in shoes like that.

This girl was totally into the music, I liked her pink she was wearing and though her shorts were “interesting” my mother would not approve and I would have to agree with her on this.

Here is part of our gang, what pretty girls. My esposo is probably bedeviling the poor things.

Here is the final photo of the night, Skillet, and wow were they pretty good. I do have to say that my Mother or my Grandmother for that matter would not definitely not approve.  I seriously don’t know how my mom got on this trip. Skillet was the highlight of the day but for me my favorite artist was “The Afters”.

Franklin Grahm did share a short message and quite a few people walked up to accept the Lord. One of our youth also accepted the Lord that night. People get ready the Lord is coming back.

First mile swam

I have been swimming for three weeks now and I am very excited to share with you that I swam my first mile today in less than an hour. When I first started out swimming I would just swim 40 laps which took me like 40 minutes. I preferred the breast stroke and back crawl and disliked the front crawl but I would still do the front crawl hoping I would get better at it. Well it did pay off, I now actually like the front crawl and am so much better at it.

I also got myself a new swim suit. I had a hodge podge one that was a bit too big which is bad when swimming. I looked at a number of places first being sports store but they were way out of my price range so I hoped to find one at a thrift store and low and behold Goodwill had this awesome just like new Speedo for only 4 dollars. Which was perfect because its so modest. I have never felt so comfortable in a swim suit like I feel in this one and I really like how it looks on me, two huge bonuses. The Lord does provide.

Tea Time

Waking up to a cool rainy morning totally got me into the mood of tea and cozying up to a book. So after school with the kids I made some scones and had a lovely tea time with my oldest and the Lil’ guy (everyone else was napping) I wish I did it more often, going to have to try to work it into our daily routine. Now time to lose myself in a book.