Monthly Archives: December 2012

Big city

Last week was a whirl of activity. From Tuesday to Thursday we were in Chicago for my oldest daughters yearly team appointment at Shriners and some dentists appointments also. This time around we stayed at a Ronald McDonald house. The kids loved the elevator, play rooms and general freedom of being able to wonder around unlike the confinement of a regular hotel. Arriving home Thursday we had friends come that evening and they stayed the weekend. We also have a Saturday night study in our home which my husband teaches. Sunday our friends left and the snow arrived!

I love snow.


On November first was my littlest birthday

She is now a year old.

We have also become even bigger tea drinkers. Since we got our espresso machine. . .

tea has become even more exciting. We use the steam part and heat up our milk/cream and make awesome foam. We make espressos for our saturday night church/study, my husband and I are not coffee drinkers just tea consumers.