Monthly Archives: February 2013

Missing Island time

Every year around this time I miss the island terribly.

I miss the warmth of the sun and the beach

The view was nice too.

I miss casual Sundays where you go to church barefoot and sing in both spanish and english.

I miss cramming the truck with people as we head to the beach or shopping or anywhere.

I miss the birthday parties, you just bake a cake and celebrate with who ever was there. There was always people around to celebrate with.

I think she was turning 2 here. A group from Norway or Holland was staying with us at the time.

Yeah I miss the warm skin tones of the locals.

But most of all I miss my family. Wish they were here with me or me there with them. Here or there but together is the best.

I know everyone is missing an island right about now, long winters do that to people. Spring will be here soon and with it the longing for tropical weather will have disappeared.