Monthly Archives: March 2013

Re did the upstairs bathroom

A few weeks back we finally finished our upstairs bathroom. It was pretty bad when we first moved in so last year we had it gutted and now finally this year we finished it. We hired my brother to do some grunt work than my husband and I finished up the rest. We mudded the walls and than painted. My husband did the pluming. Than we painstakingly cut and sanded each of the marble tiles.Yes we have a marble tiled bathroom!



Here are three photos of the process. Before paint, after painting and than tile work in the shower. We still need to put up wainscot and the shelves but other than that it is done.

Floor and looking at the feet of the vanity.

The vanity Clint put together, found a dresser on Craigslist, it was a little short so he bought feet to put on it than instilled the sink. He did a nice job. My husband also instilled a laundry shoot in between the wall. You can see it to the right of the mirror. Needs to be framed and put some type of door over it.

20130421-140051.jpg Here we have a hand sprayer and a body spray.

Out of the ceiling is the shower head and lights.The bathroom turned out a bit more fancy than I had originally thought. My husband has very fine visions and the ability to a actually do it.