Monthly Archives: May 2013


Yep, it’s official now I’ve hit the 3 0 There is this e-card floating around the Internet that has this quote that goes like this “I’m thirty but I still feel twenty…. Until I hang around with twenty year olds than I’m like no, never mind, I’m thirty.” That sums up how I feel about my age.

I had a good day. Had like a double party. My sister and her family came over and we had lunch/dinner than everyone showed up for study and it was a party all over again. I am blessed, God is good. The one draw back is my family from Honduras was here and they flew out early this morning so knowing they were leaving was a bit, no majorly depressing, but am thankful they were here as long as they were.

Fun date

Went on a birthday date with my hubby last night. We dressed up super fancy and were going to go somewhere fancy too but I was thinking how expensive it was and was like “nah” so we went to Famous Dave’s. The atmosphere there was 1930 hill billy style, The fact we were overly dressed made it even more fun.

Loved these old photos and adds all over the wall in the women’s restroom.

20130516-140627.jpg. This one was my favorite.