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The family room

I’ve been dying to post this but was waiting till it was finished. Today the carpet was going in but the carpet man cancelled 🙁 My hopes were dashed but learning to be flexable. I can’t wait any longer so here goes. Upstairs in my house was a weird group of three rooms, two smaller and one ok sized. We nocked a few walls down to create a family room. Our house is a big house and has 7 bedrooms, with the creating the family room it left us with 6 so for sure still lots of rooms (one bedroom we already use as a school room).


Here is the beginning process.




It has really come along. I will update once the carpet is in. I am very pleased with how it turned out, I am blessed with a talented spouse.


Spent all day yesterday in Chicago at Shriners hospital. We thought it was going to be a quick trip. Not sure why, Charlie was having a procedure done. For her ears to be properly cleaned she has to be put under. There were 2 other kids ahead of her. She had to wait.

The kids played outside and inside the whole day. Shriners hospital has both indoor and out door play area. The kids were entertained for the most part.

Nila was very concerned about Charlie and tried to be with her as much as possible.

It made for a very long day. We arrived home by 9:30 no place like home. Everything went well.

American girl store

While in the Windy City we went to the American girl store.

It’s a pretty cool place for little girls or the young at heart.

It’s amazing all the accessories one can drum up for a doll.

Does your doll appear to need to play an instrument?

Not to worry, you can get her this fine guitar

Or This lovely violin. There is also a piano or cello. Yes much to choose from. Your doll can also get skiing, figure skating or soccer gear and out fits, you name it they’ve got it.

The good thing about the location is next door is the lego store.

So if the guys get bored they can escape.

We let Charlie pick out her doll, she chose Saige the American girl of the year.


We like to sew

This year the urge hit to sew, sew things like doll clothes. Than we got our daughter an American girl doll.

Yes she wanted it but it was also me living threw my daughter. I wanted one as a child, my favorite past time was playing dolls, I was never into Barbies (they were taboo in our household) but into my rag doll Megan which my aunt made, I liked baby dolls too. I know I would have loved an American girl doll. In April my in laws arrived for a visit and along with them came a sewing addict. Yes my husbands mom has become some kind of sewing fiend. It was perfect timing really. She is extremely talented and a good teacher so with her help she has set me on my way. My mom had taught me too but it’s been a few years and I was a bit rusty. We made a couple of outfits together.

Here is one we did, PJ’s.
Of course she did more than a few on her own.

Here’s one if her amazing creations.
Since she has left I have been trying to figure out some patterns, figure out the sewing machine and  just finding time to sew period. It has now finally come together and here is my creation!

I made two of these one for each daughter (we plan to get an America girl doll for my older daughter too).  I like to go into my sewing zone and turn some music on or put on some language courses and sew away.

My sister in law from Canada is a very talented sewer too and she has a sight called Archer’s and you should check it out!