Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pilates Supreme

I found this machine the Supreme Pilates by Ellen Croft.

It was during my thrift shopping, I went home and checked it out on line than I promptly came back and snagged it.

I was amazed to find it all intact and in excellent shape along with a couple of workout DVD’s too.


It folds up nicely and can fit underneath a bed. I have come to really enjoy it because it intensifies my Pilates workout, brings it to the next level for me. It has modified workout too so it’s good for beginners or advanced. I recommend it.


Ran with my coach this morning. She has a different style of going about a morning workout. When she wants to run we run when she wants to walk we walk. She encourages greeting everyone we go by passionately whether they like it or not. She points out how important it is to be observant when out, not just with our eyes but nose too. Yes we may spot a bunny and go madly after it but that’s all in a morning workout with my coach. Not dull at all.

My coach

Me and my coach

She’s just a wuppy