Monthly Archives: August 2013

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle

My uncle and aunt moved to Mexico to do missions here they are if you want to read about there adventures. Because of their move they were limited on what they could take with them. They lost this awesome juicer and a water distiller (did not take a picture of distiller). Their loss my gain. I am so grateful for these items. What was funny was my husband and I were planning on buying a distiller and low and behold the Lord provided one for us and the juicer is just a total bonus. I left my really good one in Honduras and the Lord has replaced it with an even better one. Thank you aunt and uncle!


More summer fun

We’ve been having a great summer. One of my goals was to be out doors as much as possible so when winter comes I will not feel I waisted any of summers warmth.

We had a lot of playing in the alley.

This one learned to ride with out training wheels early on.

We went to the 4th of July parade.

We did our yearly trip to Bay Beach.

Got our first family photo in I am not sure how long. I do know our last one was before the lil guy was born. Pretty sad. I think this fall we’ll be working on some proper family photos. We did lots of back beaching (filling up the kid pool). Now I am looking forward to a nice pleasant Autumn.