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Last days in Chicago

We spent two nights in our glorious 5 star hotel.

Here is the grand lobby.

View from our hotel room.

When not sleeping we were hitting the streets with our Go Pass and cramming in as many things as we could. We went to the Shed Aquarium and the planetarium on Sunday. We walked everywhere never taking a taxi just the good old fashion way by foot.

Here’s a cool fountain in Memorial park.
On Monday we walked to the Field Museum.


Where these guys like to hang out. Than last but not least we checked out the Science and Industry museum.

Where among many things we found this German WWII U boat.


My husband has taken me on a surprise Birthday trip to Chicago! This is something we always talked about doing and now are! We are walking all over down town doing everything tourists would do. I love it, I love big cities, people every where, just having to walk to get places. What more can a girl want.

We’ve been on a archeological and historical boat tour on the river. Now I know a lot about the buildings because as we walk around we will be like “oh yeah, this building is that one where Al Capon hung out in the speak easy that was at the top back in the day”.
For dinner we went to a Cuban restaurant where they put honey and cinnamon in the sweet potatoes that was served with fried fish and steamed veggies .


I had some Jalapinos mashed potatoes with pulled pork and served with creamed corn.


I am not a Cuban food fan.

To end the day out we went to Willis towers where we were able to look all over the city from the 103rd floor.

One can step out into these glass rooms that step out over the city. Yikes but cool!