Monthly Archives: July 2014


I have some news, I am pregnant with baby number 5. I was hesitant to let people know early on because I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past year but now I am 3 months pregnant and have heard the heart beat, yay! I enter 2nd trimester this week so I think things are going well.


That is a photo of me after a run, you can kind of see my baby bump. Something’s new with this pregnancy is I am showing sooner, normally by 4 or 5 months one can see a bump but not this time around this baby wants to be noticed sooner! Also I am starving all the time, ok not starving but I can eat a meal and than 30 minutes later I’ll be hungry all over again. It’s actually kind of annoying because food fills my thoughts a lot, very weird. I struggle with exhaustion often, naps are a must. I continue to keep my workout schedule but have tone it down. I have gained 8 lbs this trimester which I am sure is do to my crazy appetite, trying to watch out but it’s hard. They say you are supposed to gain 0 to 5 lbs for 1st trimester.