Monthly Archives: October 2014

Equalizer bars

In my world exercise is a big thing. It makes me feel good, gives me the feeling of being in control of something and it’s fun! I’ve been slowly building up my own home gym collection. First came weights, than a pink exercise ball, more weights, push up bar and some kettel bells for Christmas and my latest desire has been equalizer bars. Yes that’s what every girl wants.

These hot pink ones were looking good except the price of $99, yikes.
I kept thinking that with my brother in law being a welder I could probably get him to make me a set for at least half the price. Eventually
My husband and brother in law bought some fancy welder and a pile of meddle and made these babies in the name of practice!

According to them you could put a car on them and it would hold the car up fine. I am very pleased with my equalizers, I have to say they are definitely better than the other ones.

For my pregnancy up date I am 3rd trimester, 7 months along. Everything seams to be looking good. I have quit running because it become rather uncomfortable so I just work out on my own in my personal gym that now has a set of cool black equalizers in it.
I do dream of taking effortless runs without my ginormous belly.