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Chalk board painted tea tins

My family and I enjoy a good cup of tea.


Yes we go the whole nine yards with tea pot, tea cups, creamer and traditional sugar  bowl just about every day because like I said we do enjoy a good cuppa tea! Now all this tea drinking creates a bit of a conglomeration of loose leaf and bagged teas (loose leaf is by far the best).


Wanting to make sense of this mess I decided to use some old tins as my tea containers. I scraped off all the paper and than continued to clean the glue off with Goo Gone.


It cleaned off really nice! 

Next I picked up some spray chalk board paint and spray painted them. 

They turned out really nice! Now I can use the tins for any tea that I want.  


And have fun decorating them as I please. 

Calvary SonRise Oshkosh

4 years ago we moved to Oshkosh with the desire on our hearts to plant a church in Oshkosh Wisconsin. We left the international missionfield to be national missionaries in our own country. That was a big step for us because we thrived on life abroad, we enjoyed divers cultures, different foods and languages. This all changed though as ever so quietly and gently the Lord pointed us in this direction and we knew we had to obey. We left Honduras and arrived in Wisconsin the fall of 2010, we embrace the cold quite willing after years of sweating in the hot tropics of central America. The beginning  of our church plant was a Saturday evening fellowship in our own home, we considered it our Saturday night church. Eventually a mid week men’s study was started than a mid week womens study. After 4 years we felt it was time for a building.  That was a step we did not want to take hastily so we did not rush, we kept our eyes open. We eventually noticed this building(the one at the top of the post). I noticed the building often when on my runs or out driving. I brought it to my husbands attention and he eventually looked into it and now after quite a process our church Calvary SonRise Oshkosh own’s it! It used to be an office building for a construction company. We have been working on it because for sure it’s a fixer upper!  



Progress is being made.



And we now hold Sunday morning services here!



The big sanctuary and other classrooms are still under construction.




But we are excited about them and hope to have them finished and ready to go by this fall.