Horseless jockey


Found this totally cool vintage horse ridding helmit at the thrift store for $2! I let my Nini girl have it and the next morning she came down dressed like this . . .


I think She is ready to ride! All we need now is a horse. . . or not. 

The crafty things I did yesterday 

 I am on such a roll!

I labeled all my baking stuff in my cupboard. If they weren’t than they are now! 
 And. . . .  

 Upholstered my dinning room chairs with the help of my bestie!

 Voilà! Before they had this sheer looking materiel. 

It did not do very well with small children. 

Continued construction on church 

We had a big work day at Calvary SonRise. It was a good turn out and much got done. 


Rooms got wiped down for painting. 


Walls were framed and a floor was put in. So thankful to all those who turned out! We had some people show up from Calvary Chapel Appleton, Calvary Bible,  Grace Bible and not to mention those from our fellowship.