Monthly Archives: August 2017

Summer 2017

This summer, the summer I was looking forward to has been racing by at race track speed. Which is how most summers seam to go as the years flow by. Ours started with continued schooling because having a baby and taking a trip to Washington took some time away from our books. By mid June we finished up History and science and each child had a few things left to do on their own.

Hospital Visit

June 17 was my husbands birthday and went to celebrate at my parents with kayaking and 4wheeling with friends. He ended up breaking his foot when the hitch of a trailer fell on his foot. (The trailer had hauled one of the 4wheelers). A week later his foot got infected and he had to spend some time in the hospital because he had sepsis

"Jumbo lets go to camp Kilimanjaro"

After 5 days in hospital he was supposed to come home to recover, well that would have been nice but we had 2 weeks till VBS would be held at our church so it was crunch time for us. Thankfully a lot of media stuff needed done so he could sit and do that and keep his foot up.

VBS is always a lot of work and stretching time for me but in the end a huge blessing. I was so blessed by all the kids who came and people who came alongside to help with it. I learned some Swahili phrases and learned a lot about Mt. Kilimanjaro plus some great VBS songs that run around my head aimlessly.

Time for R and R.

Now that it's towards the end of the summer I feel I can finally relax with walks to the park and evenings around the fire pit with some marshmallows. Though we don't get to do that as much as one would think, a lot of other things still seam to take precedence. Nonetheless I am thankful.