Bagel Queen

I am the bagel queen! Yes as of yesterday I am. I say that because I have been wanting to make them for a while. Every time I would see them in the store I would tell myself “I can make them” and would refuse to buy, but it has taken me until now to make them. Yesterday I made white flour New York bagels and today I am trying half white and half whole wheat and I think than I want to try blue berry bagels next. I am on a total bagel kick!

Here is my first batch, they taste so good.

I had to grind the whole wheat flour. I have found I like fresh ground whole wheat over the stuff in the store.

My first helper

Than these two showed up and were very helpful, they thought it such fun. I ran the wheat through twice other wise it does not come out as smooth with only one time through.

Here is my mixed bagels floating, they look like big Cheerios .
New York Bagels
Here is the recipe I used.

Here is the whole wheat mixed fresh out of the oven. (sigh) I am the title bagel queen.

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