The scale

My bathroom scale died today. I like my scale, it’s the first digital scale I’ve ever owned. I first spied it in my friends house one day. She has since left the country and entrusted it into my care. I miss my friend and my only comfort with her absence is the scale and now it was leaving me too.¬†I mourned the scales death effectively and yes I say effectively because my husband took up my cause and revived it. How I don’t know but he did. I love my husband, he is amazing! My scale has been revived and will hopefully continue on with its existence.

One thought on “The scale

  1. Aunt Mary

    We just bought a digital bathroom scale this past weekend to keep track of our weight loss. I like that it registers in tenths of a pound also. It is a challenge to eat healthy!
    Thank you for starting a blog! I enjoy it!


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