My many birthdays in May

A couple days ago was my birthday. Birthday are great!! I turned 29 this year. I thought it would be fun to go though my photos and pull out pictures taken around my birthday.

This was taken in 06 in Honduras at a good friends baby shower. Two young girls in the photo were only 12 now they are 18.

Could not find a picture of me in 2007 but here is my other half and Charlie when she was two. We were in California visit family on our way to Russia.

2008 on a US military frigit. It was really cool, we got a tour of it and were taken out to sea for a few hours. I was sick but wanted to go so badly so I went any way. Leah was so little here.

2009 On the Mainland of Honduras for a get away.

2010 hanging out in our room, Roatan.

2011 in Wisconsin pregnant with Dasha

This is todays photo of 2012. Lil guy is really into photos these days.

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