Rock the Lakes

My husband and I are the youth leaders at our church which is a pretty cool thing because you can do things like go to camp,go on mission trips, go to concerts and go to church lock ins, and go on mission trips, did I already say that? Not to mention hang out with teens so that when my kids are teens I will be well prepared. I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for that though. Rock the Lakes was here in Wisconsin in Green Bay so we took the youth. It was pretty fun. I have never been to a Billy Grahm Crusade, it was more of a concert than anything though.

Here is us waiting in line, why not be comfy.

At the concert waiting for something to take place on stage.

Some wild and crazy band who my mother would not like.  But they were cool and gave a great performance. The lead singer was pretty wild, he jumped around and climbed up the stage, yeah it was quite a show.

Here is a picture of the kids shoes in front of me. Why do kids where big bulky shoes that look like they are going to come off? You would never see me or my Mother in shoes like that.

This girl was totally into the music, I liked her pink she was wearing and though her shorts were “interesting” my mother would not approve and I would have to agree with her on this.

Here is part of our gang, what pretty girls. My esposo is probably bedeviling the poor things.

Here is the final photo of the night, Skillet, and wow were they pretty good. I do have to say that my Mother or my Grandmother for that matter would not definitely not approve.  I seriously don’t know how my mom got on this trip. Skillet was the highlight of the day but for me my favorite artist was “The Afters”.

Franklin Grahm did share a short message and quite a few people walked up to accept the Lord. One of our youth also accepted the Lord that night. People get ready the Lord is coming back.

4 thoughts on “Rock the Lakes

  1. celanie

    so fun that you guys are the youth leaders! God is doing and will do great things through you! By the way, I would also not approve of those shoes and the shorts 😉


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