Autumn is over

This autumn was wonderful! I truly enjoyed every day. I kept up my running over the fall and in my opinion its one of the best running seasons.

With the cooling of the days and changing of the season one has much to enjoy when out. The days leading up to holloween you would see nasty decorations and all I could think was God does a much better job decoration his earth than we do.

Towards the end of November we got wonderful snow and the lake started to freeze over and yes I loved running those cold mornings.

Thanksgiving day my brother and I got up early to hit the streets with a bunch of other people to run the local Turkey trot. It was fun and challenging. Being used to running on my own and than having the pressure of others around me made me run faster than I normally do. People would pass me so I would feel slow and would try to keep a pace where no one would pass me, ha ha. There is always someone faster than me lots of people actually. Any way my brother and I ran all 5 miles in like 45 minutes so we did 9 minute miles. My brother is a lot more competitive than I and could have ran way faster than me and probably been one of the top guy but he was nice to stay with his slower, older sister. All in all I feel very pleased with my first run/race. ¬†I have not ran since that day, I am taking a break from running till the spring probably. This winter I have taken up P90X and am now half way through with the program, wow its a crazy great workout! I knew with the cold weather I would tend to slack on my workout since I stopped running so I figured P90X would keep me in shape over the winter. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit the pavement in the spring and churn out a few miles effortlessly, we shall see. If anything my arms will be stronger.



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