School has begun

We have started school in our house hold after a 2 month break. I have to say I feel for once it has started out well, I feel the most organized this time around.
For the first 4 days of the week we are doing regular math, Bible, history, geography, reading, writing and language. On Fridays we are going to just do art, Bible, science and foreign language. That way Fridays can be a bit more relaxed. I feel we do a lot during the beginning of the week and don’t want to throw anything else in, of course that may change which is the beauty of homeschooling.
Another thing I have also added this year is “fun reading” which is on top of regular school reading (books I tell them to read) they may choose a book of their choice and than read for 20 minutes.

Through this I hope they will find the pleasure in reading. We shall see.

I have found it a bit more challenging this time around with my 2 younger ones. My 4 year old wants to do school now and he does a preschool book I got from Sams Club but that does not take long and my 2 year old also wants to hang around and do school. I have heard how other homeschool moms have a special set of items they pull out just for during those times to entertain them but I have yet to do that. One thing that helps occupy them is letting them play games on the ipad but I don’t want to depend on that, I like the idea of kids entertaining them selfs and using their own imagination. I know I need to figure something out.

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