Local Hospital

Today  went to the hospital with Dilsia (the lovely lady in the picture above) and my mother in law (we do everything together) to visit someone who was supposed to have had a surgery but when we got there we found out she had not had her surgery and was put off another day. We were able to take her home though so that work out good. I took my camera along to let you have a look.

The entrance door/gate

Waiting area

People waiting to see a doctor

This is the recovery wing.

Nice nurses at the nurses station. They were very kind to let me take their picture.

This is the hospital we first went to visit when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter five years ago. When my husband and I were given a tour to the birthing area they had buckets of water and when I asked what it was for they said to wash after having the baby, we quickly turned around and went to the mainland to find a different hospital. They did not have running water all the time but hopefully things are better in that area.

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