Back to normal?

My sister and brother in law sold there house. They decided to move down south where the weather is warmer. During the last 2 weeks they’ve been staying with us while they got everything figured out before they left. It was perfect timing really because they were able to watch my kids while my husband and I were at the hospital for the birth of the baby and than to have help around the house while I was recovering. During their time here I got used to seeing their 4 kids running around the house with my kids.

My boy and my sisters boy are best friends.
I got used to waking up to the smell of coffee(my brother in law drinks coffee unlike me and my husband), having tea and hot chocolate with my sister while we sat around chatting. It was nice to be together.

Last night was our last night together, some friends came over and said their goodbyes to them and we got a photo of some of the kids together. Now today they left this morning, my house is empty feeling with them gone, I tell myself that now things will get back to normal but than what is normal? When they were with us that became the normal now we will go back to a different normal of just us again. I feel sad, I liked my new normal. I miss my them so much(sob).

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