A Chicago adventure

We had an unexpected trip to Chicago this week.  My oldest had an appointment at Shriners with the cleft pallet team. We drove down the day before, she also had a dentist appointment in the morning which was also in Chicago so we hit that right away. Afterwards we went to Ronald McDonald House which is the highlight of the trip. 

My kids love it when we sleep there, I do too. It’s such a blessing to have a home away from home. It makes our Chicago trips a little extra special despite the fact we are visiting a hospital for medical things. Though I have to admit Shriners Hospital makes things great too. They are always warm and friendly, have play areas for the kids and give out surprises. They do an excellent job at making a hospital a fun place.
During our long day spent at the hospital waiting to see various Doctors I was able to get 3/4 of a book read which is a huge plus for me, any time I can get some reading in is a bonus! All in all we had a great trip!


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